solar umbrella light

27 Apr

We’re entering a time when basically anything once used to block the sun is now being configured to harness it. Soon, we’ll see baseball caps embedded with solar panels to charge radios or iPods; while simultaneously glowing at night. This new integration will have its own issues in terms of production and resource management, but it’s coming. Take for instance this solar umbrella umbrella light

I think this solar-powered umbrella is a great little invention, that would be ideal for outdoor dining, parties or trips to the beach. The umbrella does its job of protecting you from the sunlight during the day, then stores up energy for use at night in a solar panel screwed on to its top.

This item has a solar panel which screws into the top (finial) of the umbrella to power the 18 white LED’s which are located on the ribs (3 per rib). It also has a center hub light with 8 LEDs inside; there is a dual switch on the umbrella which will control both the rib lights and the hub light. You can have them both turned on you can have one or the other on, depending on how much light you want or need. The batteries inside the solar panel are replaceable and the LEDs on the ribs are also replaceable. The panel will charge in direct sunlight and fully charged provides 6-8 hours of light.


24 long-life and super bright white LEDs, LED lights don’t attract most insects
Clamps in seconds to any ole from dia.38-56mm.
OPen-ring style eliminates splitting up the light unit for relocation
Unique clamp allows adjustment of light height in 3 easy simple steps (ungrip, slide&lock).
-Down-light illuminates things underneath, and up-light slimmers atop
Powered by(all optional):
3pcs AAA batteries, or
Rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries, or
AC/DC adaptor, or Solar rechargeable device


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