solar carabiner keychain

07 May

solar carabiner keychain

Everyone knows that our world is a gigantic environmental mess, but a rare few among us contribute to the betterment of our precious planet. So, what can you do, lovers of electricity? Aside from donating all your creature comforts and electronic gadgets to your local educational institution, run off into the jungle and build a solar-paneled hut to live in peace with nature, you can buy yourself one of these green powered solar carabiner keychain.


1,Inside there is a high Capacity rechargeable lead-acid free maintain battery.
2,Alternating current:220/50HZ, keep the charging 12 hours. And most charge time
should be less than 15 hours.
3. Output voltage:DC 4v
4,Durable rechargeable period more than 300 times
5. When the battery is fully charged, the lamp can be lighted continuously about
20 hours.
6 Quantity/Ctn:80pcs blister card packing


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  1. Car Equalizers 

    October 19, 2010 at 2:30 am

    lead acid batteries are not good for your health since it can lead to lead poisoning;**