Business Asset Sale Agreement Template

08 Apr

The seller must not, directly or indirectly, involve, hold, manage, control, participate or be linked to a business that is substantially similar to the entity`s desaconding for years – years from the date of signing this agreement. If the seller violates this section or threatens to violate this section, the buyer and/or the company are entitled to an injunction and injunction that prevents the seller from violating its provisions. There is nothing in this agreement that prohibits the company from pursuing other remedies available in the event of infringement or threat of violation, including the recovery of damages by the seller. (a) take, after the sale and before the formal handover of the assets to the buyer, the necessary measures to guarantee the “business as usual”. In addition to the main part of the agreement, Appendix D provides for additional written and oral agreements, guarantees, insurance and agreements that survive the conclusion of the sale: c. (optional) stay in the business for a period of — months after the closing of the sale (specify the conditions, whether full-time or part-time, the specific role and payment terms) What if the sale includes only the assets of the company, such as the list of customers, real estate, equipment and machinery, and goodwill, but not the entire entity by sale? A business asset disposal agreement is a contract that includes the sale and purchase of tangible and intangible assets of a business. The buyer and seller (and, if applicable, the sale of “broker” business) are called “parties” (or within the singular part, “party”) to the agreement. Business sale agreements, sometimes called asset sale agreements, are applied when a company`s activities (assets and businesses) are sold and not the shares of the company. A share sale contract should be applied when a business is sold. The above prices do not include the amounts required to cover taxes, including, but not limited, on federal taxes, taxes on state consumption, sales or use taxes or import duties during the manufacture, sale, distribution or supply of goods or the provision of services under this agreement.

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