Prize Provider Agreement

11 Apr

6. Feedback: If you provide us with ideas, thoughts, criticisms, suggestions for improvement or other feedback regarding the prizing platform (together “feedback”), you agree that we can use feedback to modify our products and services and that you are not entitled to compensation, including royalties related to the product or service that includes your comments. They grant us an irrevocable, global, free, fully paid, unlimited, unlimited license for use, reproduction, modification, translation, distribution, realization, advertising, import, sale, offer to sell, make, make and otherwise use comments in any form, media or technology, whether now known or developed later, and allow others to do the same. This applies whether you forward comments on versus` website or through any other means of communication with us, unless we have a separate agreement with you that provides for other comments. If you follow these 9 steps, you give yourself the best chance to conduct a successful and profitable price competition. You will also be able to simply know that everything is legal, overboard and the authorities are not going to try to shut you down to running an illegal gambling or lottery business. 11.3 To avoid any doubt, you acknowledge that RAMPIT is a provider of an interactive computer service and not a publisher under Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act of 1996 and is therefore not responsible for user messages. If, notwithstanding the provisions of point 11.3 above, a competent court commits THE responsibility of RAMPIT for all matters arising from or concerning this agreement, rampit`s total Liability TO YOU FOR ALL DAMAGES, LOSSES, AND CAUSES OF ACTION ARISING OUT OF THIS AGREEMENT , INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE, WARRANTY OR OTHERWISE) WILL NOT EXCEED THE AMOUNT YOU PAID FOR THE USE OF THIS SITE IN THE 12 MONTHS PRIOR TO YOUR ENTITLMENT, OR IF NO AMOUNT HAS BEEN PAID, SUCH LIABILITY IS LIMITED TO 1,000 USD. Your prize will be the first to draw the participants` attention to your contest, so it should be as desirable as possible. However, it could also be your biggest expense and if you are not careful, exactly what prevents you from making a profit in your business. To be a real prize competition in which participants pay to participate, the law says they must demonstrate a sufficient level of skill, knowledge or judgment to have a chance of winning.

If they don`t and the winner is randomly selected, the contest could be classified as a gambling or illegal lottery and then you risk closing. For example, say you gave a luxury vacation as a price. “Luxury” means different things to different people. If your target market was a family, the price should be available during the school holidays. However, if your ideal target market was a professional couple without children, you could save a lot of money by making sure that the leave was taken during schooling, so the cost will be much lower for you. However, your rules must be clear, and they must comply with the Competition In Price Act, so you may need to talk to a lawyer like me to help you prepare. Level 8: Make sure that advertising and promoting your contest contests are legal Primped is not an agent of another party or client of Primped Provider. Primped Provider agrees that there is no joint venture, partnership, employment or agency relationship between Primped Provider and Primped as a result of this agreement or the use of the service, and that Primped can only act as a channel for the performance of service charges and related revenue taxes on behalf of the Primped Provider.

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