Website Hosting Services Agreement

13 Oct

Customers` web hosting limits are set according to the package they sign up for. iQWeb`s servers automatically send reminder emails when clients` web space usage approaches allowed web space or bandwidth throttling. If the client cannot meet the assigned limit, the server automatically blocks the web hosting account. Customers are encouraged to update their web space to a higher package, which they think they need more space or bandwidth. STATISTICS OF THE WEBSITE A link is made available to the customer on request to consult reports and statistics on access to the site. Reports and statistics are kept on the site for at least 3 months. iQWeb Solutions may, at its option, charge the customer additional storage space necessary to store reports and statistics for a longer period of time. TERMINATION OF SERVICE BY CUSTOMER If Customer decides to terminate the web hosting contract with iQWeb Solutions, written notification by email or post is required. Upon receipt of such notice, iQWeb Solutions will acknowledge receipt of the notice in a response. If the customer terminates the web hosting contract, the advance payment for the remaining months will not be refunded. 12.1 The Customer shall, at its own expense, provide all telecommunications services, computers and other equipment or services necessary to access the Hosting Service. The Customer must comply with all applicable legal requirements, rules and regulations that apply to the means of communication through which the Customer accesses the Hosting Service.

Fees and terms of payment must be set out in detail in the appendices provided. The main part of the agreement contains only the essential provisions. Details are the key to a document like this. The host must know exactly what he is contractually obliged to do to provide the customer as part of his hosting service and under what conditions. Service levels also play an important role. A separate hosting specification and details on applicable hosting service levels should therefore be agreed between host and customer and included in the deployment schedule. EXCLUSIVE REMEDIES FOR UNPLANNED SERVICE INTERRUPTIONS: You agree that unplanned or unexpected interruptions to the Services do not require correction unless such unforeseen or unexpected interruptions exceed 24 hours in a 30-day period, in which case you agree that the exclusive remedy shall be a 24-hour hosting credit for any 24-hour period of unforeseen or unexpected interruptions. . . .

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