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colour changing shower head

28 Oct
colour changing shower head

colour changing shower head

LED Qty: 12PCS

LED lighting color: Green/Blue/Red (Temperature detectable)

Casing color: Metallic color

Casing material: ABS

Surface treatment: Electroplating

Maximum size: 217*40*97mm

Weight: 0.35kg (net weight of LED shower) 0.65kg(with stainless steel hose and holder)

Product feature: 1. No battery needed; 2.When water flows down, the LED will light instantly and

automatically; A. When water temperature is ≤32℃, Green color will show automatically; C.

When water temperature is between 42℃~45℃, Red color will show automatically; D. When water temperature

is above 46℃, Red color will flash immediately. 3. This item will change its color by detecting water


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Accessories: Stainless steel hose and holder