Family Baby Security CCTV Wireless Kit

03 Nov

Family Baby Security CCTV Wireless Kit

Family Baby Security CCTV Wireless Kit

HighlightsFamily Baby Security CCTV Wireless Kit, 1.8inch Color TFT LCD, 3CH, Handheld Wireless Video Baby Monitor and 2.4GHz 8LEDs IR, Blue Flower, Wireless CMOS Color Camera, 2.4GHz Transmission of Upton 100m, Night Vision, for Children Surveillance.


Brief Instructions
 This camera has six high-intensity LEDs for picking up clear images in unlit locations. They’re triggered automatically when the sensor detects unlit conditions. When you use it ,you must select the same channel on the camera and on monitor, and you must use the adapter labeled output:6v 200-350mA DC with the camera.

 The shape of the camera is flowerlike
 Power/volume control�
 Channel selection button
 Channel indicator light
 3 Channel selection
 Power indicator light
 Brightness adjustment button
 7 levels of brightness control: 1/3″CMOS image sensor
 Battery operated or plug into mains
 6V power adapter
 AV output jack
 Automatic infrared LEDs of Night Vision
 Transmits up to 100m
 1.8”TFT LCD screen
 Portable and light weight

Care and Maintenance
 Keep all parts and accessories out of young children’s reach.
 Fingerprints or dirt on the lens surface can adversely affect camera performances. Avoid touching the lens with your fingers.
 Should the lens become dirty, use a blower to blow off dirt and dust, or a soft dry cloth to wipe off the lens.
 Keep the camera dry. Precipitation, humidity and other liquids contain minerals that will corrode electronic circuits.
 Do not use or store in dusty, dirty areas.
 Do not store in hot areas. High temperature can shorten the life of electronic devices and warp or melt certain plastics.
 Do not store in very cold areas. When the system warms up, the moisture can form inside the case, which may damage electronic circuit boards.
 Do not attempt to open the case. Non-expert handing of the device may damage the system.
 Avoid dropping or strong shocks.
 Operate the product using only the power supply include or provided as an accessory.
 Do not overload electrical outlets or extension coeds. This can result in fire or electric shocks.
 Do remember that you are using public airwaves when you use the system and that sound and video may be broadcast to other 2.4GHz receiving devices. Conversations, even from the room near the camera, may be broadcast. To protect the privacy of your home, always turn the camera off when not in use.

Item Includes
 1 x 2.4G Blue Wireless 8 Infrared Day&Night LEDs Baby Flowerlike CMOS Camera
 1 x 1.8″ TFT LCD Monitor
 1 x A/V (Audio/Video) Cable
 2 x 6V DC 500mA Power Adapters
 1 x User Manual


Camera Specifications
 A/V Mod/Demod. Method:FM
 Antenna:Built-in Omni-directional Antenna
 Image Sensor:1/3″CMOS Image Sensor
 Effective Pixels:NTSC:510(H) × 492(V);
 CCIR:628(H)× 582(V)
 Lens: F6.0mm, F1.8
 Power:DC 6v, 200-350ma or 4AAA-size Batteries
 Operating Temperature:0°C~40°C(32°F~104°F)

Monitor Specifications
 Channel:3 Selectable Channels
 A/V Mod/Demod,Method:FM
 Antenna:Built-in Omni-directional Antenna
 Display 1.8″:LTPS-TFT LCD
 Display Colors:Full-color
 Power:DC 6v, 200-500ma or AAA-size Batteries
 Operating Temperature:0°C~40°C(32°F~104°F

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