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new massage devices and exercise equipments

13 May

Good Name: Spiral motor slimming belt

Good Name: (Air Pressure Spiral Slimming belt )

Air Pressure Spiral Slimming belt

1) Input voltage: 110V – 250V, 50Hz/60Hz
2) Output: 24V DC, 2,000mA
3) Power rate: less than 55W
4.infrared and heating Function
5.Two 555# Spiral motors
6.inner air bag
7.wireless remote controller
8:Standard color:orange,green

Good Name:Cervical vertebra massager


1. Unique and patented design, beautiful and modern appearance

2. Micro-computer process controller ,four main treatment modes with 16 distinct of therapeutic cycles.

3. Stimulating the nerves surrounding the cervical spine, promoting contraction, expansion and stretching of the cervical muscles

4. Simple operation able to be used anytime or place and in nearly every environment

5. Single treatment time is 15 minutes auto shut-off

6:Power :AC 220V/50Hz or DC9V

7:Frequency :1-250Hz

8:Max.output Voltage :less than 500v

9:Temperature range for working :5-40

10:Humidity range for working :80%

11:Temperature range for store :-40-55

12:Humidity range for store :93%

13:Safety standard :TYPE -BF

Good Name:Rolling massage fitness equipment

Features and functions :

1: take good care of one’s health: clean the good-for-nothing out of the body .

2:preventing function :prevent the apparatus losing working or degenerating .

3: recuperate: function

4:denfending some chronics

5:Substantiate the geomagnetism power of nerve tissue .

6: fitness building function

7:enhancing blood circulation .

8: can be used to massage waist ,head ,neck ,arm,thigh ,calf ,foot ,fingers,palm and son on

9:Auto timer :15min/30min

10: with 24pcs of rolling beads.

11:7levels of rolling speed

12:with reverge function .

Good name : Motorized readmill

v Speed range: 1-12km/h
v Computer: LED three window console provide
11 programs and 1 manual, with running track
v Handle pulse
v Body fat function
v Manual incline of 2 level
v Quick speed button on console

v Easily operation with speed button on handle bar
v 8-pieces elastic cushions
v Wheels for transportation
v Effective running surface:120 x 40 cm
v Foldable for storage,
foldable dimension: 84 x 70 x 145 cm
v Max user’s weigth: 100kg
v Productdimension:156 x 70 x 127 cm
v N.W.:55kg , G.W. :61kg
v Cartondimension:
158.5 x 74 x 25 cm+97×50.8×29.5cm
v Load Factor:20FT: 65pcs -40FT:134pcs


solar carabiner keychain

07 May

solar carabiner keychain

Everyone knows that our world is a gigantic environmental mess, but a rare few among us contribute to the betterment of our precious planet. So, what can you do, lovers of electricity? Aside from donating all your creature comforts and electronic gadgets to your local educational institution, run off into the jungle and build a solar-paneled hut to live in peace with nature, you can buy yourself one of these green powered solar carabiner keychain.


1,Inside there is a high Capacity rechargeable lead-acid free maintain battery.
2,Alternating current:220/50HZ, keep the charging 12 hours. And most charge time
should be less than 15 hours.
3. Output voltage:DC 4v
4,Durable rechargeable period more than 300 times
5. When the battery is fully charged, the lamp can be lighted continuously about
20 hours.
6 Quantity/Ctn:80pcs blister card packing


2008 newest BBQ Tools Set for your outdoor travel !

06 May

11PCS BBQ set:

Price:  FOB GuangZhou US$4.45/pcs

1.Material:  stainless steel metal part ,wooden handle , 300Dnylon apron

                 18/0 stainless steel in 1.2~Mm thick

2.Spec: turner-37.5cm 




 small / fork- 6cm

3. Internal: 1set/polybag

4. Minimum Order : 3200-7500 sets

5. QTY/CTN: 24set /ctn  , 45*41*45CM  , G.W./N.W. 20/19 Kgs

    Units per 20″/40″/40HQ:  8,500/STES  / 17,000SETS / 17,400SETS
    Packaging : bubble bag 
    D.Deliver goods the period : 25-30 days

5PCS BBQ apron set:

Price:  FOB GuangZhou US$4.20/pc

1.Material: hardwood handle, 300Dnylon apron

18/0 stainless steel in 1.2~Mm thick

2. Spec: nylon apron–folded 48x15x9cm

turner and fork–42cm overall ,

tongs–39cm length

turner-38cm length

fork-38cm length

Gloves -24.5cm length

3. Internal: 1set/polybag

4. Minimum Order : 3500-7100 sets

5. QTY/CTN: 12set /ctn  , 53*38*22.5CM  , G.W./N.W. 13/12 Kgs

    Units per 20″/40″/40HQ:  7,100/STES  / 14,400SETS / 16,000SETS
    Packaging : bubble bag 
    Deliver goods the period : 25-30 days 

5PCS BBQ apron set:

1.  Price: FOB GuangZhou US$3.45/pc

2Material: hardwood handle,300Dnylon apron

18/0 stainless steel in 1.2~Mm thick

3Spec: nylon apron–folded 48x15x9cm

turner and fork–42cm overall

tongs–39cm length

turner-39cm length

fork-39cm length

Gloves -24.5cm length

4. Internal: 1set/polybag

     Minimum Order : 3500-7500 sets


Led Light USB Fan

06 May

usb led fan

Stuffy meetings, crowded airplanes and even taxis in downtown won’t wilt you anymore. The USB Fan with Led Light On The Wing plugs into a USB port to provide a steady stream of cool air.

This USB fan is the ideal USB fan for your notebook. Different from other USB fans, it has a led light on the wing.It’s Durable featherweight construction and small enough.


1) Novelty fans
2) Adjustable flexible neck
3) Mini desk fans with USB connector
4) Low noise and heat operation
5) Durable featherweight construction and small enough
6) Gently adjust the flexible neck of USB fan
7) Compatible with PCs, notebooks, and PDAs
8) With LED light on the wing


newest USB items -Green Laser USB flash keychains

04 May

Green Laser USB flash keychains

1. Green laser pointer  

2. With USB recharger battery for Power


Solar Dynamo Radio Flashlight

04 May

We love 2-for-1 devices here at Inhabitat – after all, what’s more efficient and environmentally friendly than having one single tool that can serve variety of purposes? That’s why we were super excited at the solar and hand-cranked mobile power charger that also happens to be a radio and a flashlight all in one cute little package. It can charge cell phones with either solar power or physical exertion (hand-cranking), as well as helping you out with your radio and lighting needs.

Seems like it would be a perfect thing to have in case of an emergency, (or emergency camping trip) but also extremely handy just to have kicking around the house as dynamo radio flashlight

Offering a choice of self-charge, solar and external recharge power options, the device delivers complete independence from wall power or disposable batteries while ensuring environmentally sustainable access to information and entertainment. A 1-minute wind gives you 20 minutes of radio listening at normal volume, or 30 minutes of light, and you can wind some more at any time for as much play time / shine time as you want. With the Solar Dynamo Radio Flashlight, you’ll have access to AM/FM radio, TV VHF channels 2-13 (audio), all 7 NOAA weather channels plus their ‘Alert‘ service, an LED flashlight, and charger for your cell phone.


1) Ultra bright LED flashlight to meet an urgent need 2) Mobile phone charge function
3) flashlight head can be rotary in all direction
4) AM/FM Radio reception
5) Emergency siren
6) Built-in rechargeable battery.
7) 5 LEDs desk lamp
3 kinds of power charge:
1) Solar power charge
2) AC/DC Adapter charge at home
3) Handcrank power charge